MEMS packaging


Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are found in many everyday products. These tiny components are used in many fields of applications.

In particular, mobile phones and automotive applications contain numerous MEMS elements.

DELO’s adhesives for MEMS packaging are easy to process, highly flexible and have an outstanding die shear strength.



Every cell phone is expected to deliver good acoustic quality. Even the most basic phones meanwhile produce good audio quality and are suitable for listening to music. The highest-end cell phones are equipped with up to three mini-loudspeakers. In close cooperation with technology and market leaders in the mini-loudspeaker industry, DELO has developed modern adhesives and curing equipment to respond to the new challenges in this industry.

Our light-curing adhesive DELO® PHOTOBOND® connects, as an example, membrane to coil, cover to membrane, etc. Furthermore, they are adequate for membrane damping, wire fixing, contact sealing and speaker box bonding. DELOMONOPOX or DELO-ML is used for bonding the magnet system.

Adhesive properties

  • High adhesion to many materials such as metal, ferrite and many plastics
  • Reliability under harsh conditions: Very good resistance to humidity and elevated temperatures
  • Maximum preservation of acoustic properties
  • Easy and fast dispensing with standard equipment
  • Very fast curing (1 s) with DELO light curing equipment
  • Passing of high-power speaker qualification tests

Touch panel


The penetration of touch panels in the cell phone market is forecasted to reach more than 40 % in the near future. The introduction of new tablets will cause an even larger increase in the use of this technology. The touch display is a “sandwich” of many active layers that needs to be efficiently assembled.

This is due to high-performance criteria issues such as light transmission, impact resistance, and environmental resistance. DELO has developed new optically clear light-curing liquid adhesives with ideal properties for cell phones.

Adhesive properties

  • Optically clear, no yellowing under sunlight
  • Highly transparent
  • Enhanced shock and vibration performance
  • Prevents condensation and fogging
  • High flexibility to allow low-stress bonding
  • Low viscosity > Easy dispensing and joining without bubbles

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