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SIKO BV is a technical trading company specialised in chemical compound techniques. Besides a wide range of industrial glues, much attention has been paid to user friendly methodologies. SIKO BV will provide you with a total solution.

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Takeover of Siko BV by VIBA

On 4 October 2023, Siko BV was acquired by VIBA verbindingstechniek BV. More information on the acquisition can be read here.

Official distributor partner

DELO industrial adhesives

MEDMIX industry (formerly SULZER)
– MK Guns (Kroger A/S)
– pc COX dispensers


DELO has been developing industrial adhesives for different sectors for more than 50 years. Our expertise ensures that we are always a step ahead, and we are still going strong: We are constantly developing new adhesive solutions and are innovative contributors to bonding technology.



medmix originated within Sulzer and now spin-off, It is the right time to leverage the full potential of two distinct businesses

Through our brands COX™ and MK™, we bring together the best expertise in one and two-component adhesive applications. MIXPAC™ is the leading system provider in the area of mixing, dosing and applying, COX provides a wide range of professional, practical dispensers, and MK is the specialist in customized high-quality dispensing solutions.


“The success of your single or multi-component material highly depends on the solution for packaging, metering, mixing and dispensing.”

The success of a single or multi-component material within its markets depends, to a large degree, on the system chosen for packaging, metering, mixing and dispensing. The vast, reliable, robust MIXPAC™ product range from Sulzer provides a multitude of benefits for its user. Aside from being highly reliable, repeatable, and simple to use the MIXPAC™ systems offer clean and safe operation. In choosing the optimal system for the material many factors need to be considered, such as: the cartridge material, piston technology, plunger, closure cap, the mixer, and dispenser. These factors, when properly evaluated, will inevitably avoid problems during the application of the material.

MEDMIX Dispensing Guns, Cartridges & Static Mixers

Leading trademark for compatible one and two-component mixing systems including cartridges, mixers, dispensers and mixing accessories. The Swiss developed systems are characterized by maximum precision and quality for dosing, mixing and dispensing one and two-component materials within the industry.


Medmix (formaly Sulzer Mixpac) offers comprehensive systems for various cartridge-based 2-K applications. We put a high focus on research and development, in line with the ever-changing requirements of our customers.

We are therefore proud to be the technology leader in manufacturing 2-K application systems.

Our systems are recommended for DIY as well as for professional bonding. Bonding using Sulzer Mixpac 2-K auto-mix systems is widespread in the following applications:

  • Transportation industry (bonding of interior and exterior parts)
  • Manufacture of wind energy plants
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics (e.g. microchip industry)
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industrial assembly
  • Stone processing
  • Construction sector

Your benifits

  • Accurate metering
  • Outstanding mixing quality
  • Reproducibility

Sulzer Mixpac offers hand-held cartridge dispensing systems for 2-component adhesives. Each system consists of a manual or pneumatic dispensing gun, a cartridge and a static mixer, all designed to work as an integrated high-performance system.

For higher volumes and higher dispensing pressures, pneumatic dispensing systems with refillable component containers including refill stations from 20 L containers are available at our meter-mixing segment.

Adhesive dispensing equipment for cartridge use in bonding, casting, coating, doming, encapsulating, filling, gasketing, laminating, lubricating, molding, potting, sealing and other applications can be divided into 1-Part systems and 2 component adhesives.

1-component dispensers
Sulzer Mixpac Denmark (formally krøger) has developed a wide range of high-quality manual, pneumatic and battery driven dispensers with the well-known brand name MK guns. The caulking guns is currently the number one choice for professional sealant applicators across Europe.

2-component cartridge dispenser
The manual, pneumatic and electric dispensers for 2-part materials work primarily with our side-by-side cartridges, available in sizes 50ml, 200ml, 400ml, 600ml, 1500ml and other volumes. The two-component cartridge guns make applying 2C adhesives quicker and easier.

The key feature of all Sulzer Mixpac new-generation “Side by Side” cartridge for packaging and dispensing two-component materials is the total separation of the two components. This new system can be found at the double syringe, 50ml, 200ml and 400ml cartridges and provides a high level of storage stability while simultaneously preventing cross-contamination. The cartridges can be sealed cleanly and securely after each use. The most common mix ratio’s are 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1.

Beside the delivery of empty cartridges can we offer also contract filling. We fill various kind of adhesive in single and dual component cartridges.

Reactive 2-component adhesives are becoming increasingly important in the industry. To ensure a predictable reaction between the components a static mixer is used. The mixer are capable of mixing materials with different viscosities and in different ratio’s. Any 2-part material including epoxies, silicones, urethanes, acrylics and polyesters are applicable. Whether on cartridges (fixed flow rate) or meter mix dispense systems, a static mixer can be used.
The mixers can be divided into round (MIXPACTM) and square (QUADROTM) mixers, each type has his own mixing pattern and advantages/disadvantages. Whether you will use the mixer on cartridges or meter mix dispense systems a static mixer can be used for a homogeneous mixing.

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