Part Numbers



flow restrictors

These are used to control the outlet flow especially for low-viscous adhesives. The restrictor is available for side-by-side cartridges of the J-system and for peeler cartridges with 6.5 mm outlet size

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retaining nuts

The retaining nuts are made of polypropylene and are available in the types:
– nut 8.7PP 7/8″ x 9
– nut 10.7PP 7/8″ x 9
– nut 8.7PP 7/8″ x 14 double lead
– nut 10.7PP 7/8″ x 14 double lead

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ribbon adapters

The ribbon adapters are made of polyethylene and are available in the size 0.5″-1.5″
These are used for dispensing wide adhesive beads. The outlet can be adjusted, stepwise, according to the specific requirement.

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perforated sleeves

These sleeves are made of polypropylene, are grey in color and available in the following sizes (diameter x length):
– 15 x 85 mm
– 15 x 130 mm
– 20 x 85 mm
– 12 x 50 mm

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