Conversion kit to 310ml caulking gun

The conversion kit now accepts multi-ratio 50ml cartridge systems (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1). The sleeve is designed to accept all four ratios of the A50 and B50 cartridge system. A different plunger is required for each ratio. This low cost kit is an exciting alternative to more expensive dispensers. The reusable kit can be used with all “off the shelf” 310 ml European caulking guns. A practical choice for price sensitive markets such as DIY/home repair, field installations and occasional industrial users.

    Insert the cartridge, nose first, through the oval opening (this is the end with the smaller opening) of the sleeve until the cartridge flange fits snugly against the end of the sleeve.
  2. Place plunger in the back end of the cartridge.
  3. Connect static mixer to cartridge.
  4. Place the conversion kit, with mixer and cartridge, in a caulking gun as shown in the diagram below
Conversion kit to 310ml caulking gun

Part Numbers


Siko DK117

Complete Kit, sleeve + 1:1 plunger

Siko DK118

Complete Kit, sleeve + 2:1 plunger

Siko DK119

Complete Kit, sleeve + 4:1 plunger

Siko DK120

Complete Kit, sleeve + 10:1 plunger

Part Numbers


Siko D106


Siko D107

1:1 plunger

Siko D108

2:1 plunger

Siko D109

4:1 plunger

Siko D110

 10:1 plunger